2005, „The Joy of Color“, Prof. Valerio Dehò

Her paintings are a further development of her ideas about art, and these are concerned with life, solidarity, and the ability of painting to bring colour and joy everywhere. But in the various phases the artist has lived through, one can also, and in particular, read a quest for quality and absolute honesty. This clarity is also manifest in the latest works, which continue the formal experience of abstraction in the classical sense, as a progressive move away from reality. A reality which arises as a figurative fact, as mimesis, and then progressively gives its components the freedom to arrive at pure form. A process in which reality continues to exist - but in the background, as an extreme, essential reference point, not as the subject of the artistic composition.

The situation is this: The latest pictures from Gerdi Gutperle fit in perfectly with the return to abstraction that has been taking place for the last few years. The joy, and with it the painting, must perhaps mirror the distance of the depiction from reality. We are confronted with thousands of pictures, both during our working day and in our free time. Abstraction is a tough and disciplined way in art to open up a passageway to a constant spiritual asceticism. But it is in all cases an abstraction that need not demonstrate anything in art history and that seeks a new communication possibility between art and the world.