2006, „Farben des Lichts“, Katalog, Dr. Alfred Kren

The courage to marvel:
The art of Gerdi Gutperle

When the conventions are particularly strong, one needs, like a vine, very long roots in order to give the finished fruit a flavour of its own. Only this can explain how Gerdi Gutperle has succeeded in taking a genre like the still life, and in particular the still life with flowers, and setting her own distinctive stamp on it.
Gutperle’s landscapes have arisen in a similar way, at the same time offering more and more imaginary space into which the artist could pour her own visions, her own wishful thinking. Rejecting the natural need for harmony and balance, the increasingly abstract pictures are a vent for inner conflicts and yearnings. The result of this process are pictures such as »Link« (»Verbindung«) and »Meeting«, in which the figurative elements can be seen only hazily. Like in an x-ray, the pure outlines of the original forms can still be made out, but then vanish altogether in a swirling mass of colour and pigment. In a picture such as »Spirit of Angkor«, there is nothing to remind us of the smack of terror at hazarding the next step into unknown territory, at encountering nothing and not turning back, at realizing oneself artistically and bringing a new being into the world. That is what where the artist’s courage, and Gerdi Gutperle has such courage, putting herself at the mercy of the creative current. Allowing herself to be carried to the depths and heights of this current - this can explain the sometimes hefty swings in the oeuvre of paintings of Gerdi Gutperle.