2006, „A world in balance“, Dr. Bärbel Kopplin

Colour and space in Gerdi Gutperle’s pictures.

»There are always dormant energies to be discovered« – this statement of Joseph Beuys could also stand as a headline over Gerdi Gutperle’s oevre. About eight years ago, Gerdi Gutperle uncovered her artistic energies, and since then has been working with enormous passion as a painter. Despite having undergone thorough training in all technical aspects of painting, she is really an autodidact. Autodidact above all in the sense that here, someone is following her own ideas, indeed her own inner vision. The artist herself compares her production process with the »bubbling of a spring«. And indeed, with her untiring creative energy, the artist has created an extremely varied and surprisingly extensive oeuvre in only a very short period of time. Anyone entering her studio can see at once that this is the workplace of someone who is passionate about her work.