2010, „Zeitgeist“, Dr. Franz-Xaver Schlegel

In “Zeitgeist,” Gerdi Gutperle’s newest series of large-format pictures, the artist thematizes how people in our era feel when they’re faced by dramatic events that profoundly change society, the environment and each individual’s personal life.

The artist exploits the manifold stylistic potentials inherent in her experimental mixed-media technique to accomplish this portrayal. In the course of several working phases, sampled and digitally modified photographs interact with painting. The artist’s skill at rendering materials and structures, which has already been evident in past artworks, reappears here and plays with the presentation of sculptural qualities. New compositions result, as do dynamic tensions between the pictorial elements, whereby the artist expressively mediates between realistic appearances and abstraction. Extraordinarily intensive colors and unconventional staging of light distinguish these artificial worlds, which seem almost surreal. Their construction is multilayered in both form and contents. The motifs used here become allegories and metaphors for memory and consciousness. Viewers find themselves confronted by universal questions, and each picture leaves ample space for individual reception.