Stock up on joie de vivre in a fascinating world of art
Gerdi Gutperle impressed audiences in Bielefeld with a great variety of works of art

What started successfully at the art room in Viernheim back in 2014 with the exhibition “People and Surroundings” (Mensch und Lebensraum) is now being continued at the gallery projektartgalerie in Bielefeld.

Artist and proprietor Ms Maria Bernard has put together an extensive art show under the title “... like a volcano”, which features the works of the painter and object artist Gerdi Gutperle.

The essence of nearly two decades of creative work provides an insight into the stages of artistic development of a multi-faceted personality.

The interdisciplinary art show, which is divided between four rooms, is arranged thematically and keeps surprising visitors who make their way through the rooms.

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by powerful paintings of the series “Joie de Vivre” (Lebensfreude), then make their way through an exhibition, which keeps offering new and exciting facets of the artist. In the main room, for instance, visitors can marvel at two oil paintings in portrait format from the series “Cosmic Fields” (Kosmische Felder), which are painted on metal. This colourful abstract art gives the observer plenty of  room for interpretation.

Additionally, large-format mixed technique paintings are displayed. For her “paint-print-paint” technique a painted image is photographed, fed into the computer and manipulated to provide the basis for a new painting printed on canvas, which is then overpainted, resulting in the aesthetic works of art displayed in today’s exhibition.

Not only the composition of the picture elements, but also, and in particular, the rather special light that is inherent in many of the artist’s works fascinate the observer.

A relatively “new” variation of her work is painting on mostly white primed metal plates for which she uses a special technique called “tinto graphics”. This technique is still relatively unknown and originated in the printing industry. Gerdi Gutperle discovered this ink and technique for herself in order to transform it into painting. The subsequent firing renders the work waterproof. These particular paintings or tintographics also fascinate due to the expression of colour, depth and three-dimensionality.

Her artistic repertory offers further techniques that manifest themselves in three-dimensional works. On display are light columns made from the bark of the mulberry tree, coloured metal objects and ceramic sculptures.

It was only four years ago that Gerdi Gutperle started to experiment with clay as a material for her sculptures. That is a remarkably short time when you consider the large array of shapes and colours – partly by using old and time-consuming techniques. She has long left behind the experimental phase and gotten over initial setbacks.

Today we have the pleasure to marvel at her table sculptures, which fascinate due to their reduction and surface feel. The large, yet finely elaborated stelae incorporating figures are equally impressive.
What’s also quite remarkable are the perfectly mixed colour and intensive surface processing with stamping, scoring and notching.

In spite of all the diversity in her works there is a fundamental consensus, a common thread, in her works.  Subjects and shapes are inspired by nature and human existence and inspire the artist to exploit new topics in her relentless creative urge time and again.

Both colourful as well as colour-reduced works are united by the dynamic and powerful positive effect.

Following the introduction into the works of Gerdi Gutperle by proprietor Ms Maria Bernard, the artist managed to mesmerise the numerous guests. It was not only the diversity of her works that impressed visitors, but also the intention of the Gerdi Gutperle Foundation, which runs a child care and health care centre in the Southern Indian Tamil Nadu in order to help sick children and their families, regardless of their religion and caste. This combination of art and social commitment left lasting impressions on the audience and led to interesting deepening conversations.

The exhibition at the projektartgalerie located on Von-der-Recke-Str. 6, Bielefeld runs until 18 April. At the same time works of Gerdi Gutperle and other artists are on display in the showroom at our BI-Gadderbaum site. Appointments outside opening hours are available on request. Call us on +49 521 986 2042.

Maria Bernard, Bielefeld in February 2015