Annual exhibition by Gerdi Gutperle
From 18 February - 26 April 2020
With her annual exhibition 2020 Gerdi Gutperle invites us to join her on a journey through time and space. On this journey she seemingly moves herself, leading the observer at her side through time and space – highly alert and with an open mind. Along she way, she takes in scenes, experiences, natural events and vibrations, never evaluating, but instead processing, mixing and staging them anew. With her works of art she retells what she has experienced and sensed.
The magic of setting off for open new worlds, joie de vivre, a change of perspective and paradigm, harmony in togetherness – this is how works like “Wonderful Life” could be interpreted metaphorically. Female figures immersed in dance and joy tell of the beauty and wonder of life, free of time and space. Architecture is hinted at, free of place or time, existing in parallel and connected by a flowering twig climbing over the format – a symbol of eternal nature?
This very special work cycle by Gerdi Gutperle was greatly influenced by the fascinating theory of non-spacetime by scientist Dr. Jürgen Bayer. Gerdi Gutperle accomplishes to express this complex theme in her paintings by using a mystical expressionist language of form and colour. Pastose, picturesque landscapes in unusual pastel colour combinations, clear contours, depths and cuts allow us to see and sense the parallel dimensions. In some of her paintings Gerdi Gutperle works with mulberry threads. Are they used as an aesthetic element or to express connections? The intuitive choice of colours in many of the works in the cycle corresponds to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe‘s colour wheel of the human spirit and soul, which was created in 1810 by the poet who, amongst other things, also worked as a painter. Goethe once said: „It writes in me“. Might an “It paints in me” be true in Gerdi Gutperle’s case? In some of her compositions, the landscapes of time and space recall the woodcuts of the artist group “The Bridge” around Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in seeming or real unity. Paint applications filled with light and fantastic expression underline the diversity of the parallel dimensions. The observer roams such landscapes with joy and in great serenity as to the goings-on.
The colours of the work “Sending Love”, warm, transparent tones, watercolour-like, a bright, warm, illuminating yellow as well as an orange tone associated with high energy and the shade of red associated with grace and dignity seem to whisper to the observer. The title sums up what Gerdi Gutperle exudes, lives, does at every turn, with every brushstroke and every sentence. “In the arts, as in life, everything is possible provided it is based on love” – as Marc Chagall said. This is exactly what Gerdi Gutperle does, not only for the children in India, but also for her family, friends, co-workers, and for everyone she meets. Revelation – the key motif from the series of works of said name – shows a couple, facing each other, knowing, travelling together in connected communication. They do not need faces to know or recognise one another, hands to touch each other, voices to talk to one another. They simply are.
In 2020 the sphere makes a reappearance in her ceramics: It neither possesses beginning nor end, has always been considered a symbol of completeness and wholeness, a symbol of the soul of the individual, as anima mundi (e.g. Plato), thus world soul, and consequently also as an image of “the higher”. As the most perfect spatial form it signifies the totality of all possibilities, cyclical movement of renewal as well as the overcoming of time and space. It is the archetype that contains all other forms, in the totality of all opposites that cancel each other out.
Gerdi Gutperle’s unmistakable style, light-handed line, translucency and verve is unmistakable in all her works, be it ceramics, paintings or sculptures. She has been active for over two decades that have been filled with change, cause and concern, development, deep rootedness and connectedness. Gerdi Gutperle reveals and is herself a revelation. We are amazed how Gerdi Gutperle, by means of her painted narratives, succeeds to create SPACE for the spiritual world, moves and inspires our imagination, leading to opening and dimension. The possibilities become wider, bigger, more transparent.
Those experiencing Gerdi Gutperle feel in many respects that she is “ahead of time”. This is also perceptible in her annual theme 2020. This does not only apply to her hands-on-mentality as far as everyday life and organisational constraints are concerned, but also to her paintings as well as to the spiritual world. Gerdi Gutperle is ahead of time, taking others with her, leading the way, inviting them to engage with the visible invisible, asking them to accompany her. WELCOME.
Cristina Streckfuss