vita frau gutperle

Gerdi Gutperle Atelier Spanien



Born in Oelm├╝tz, Moravia.

Since 1998
Active as a freelance artist.

Extended work stays at several locations in Germany and throughout Europe, e.g. with ceramic artist Salvador Luna (studied pit fire and other specialised ceramic techniques); Concepts and project promotion, e.g. with instructor Carmen del Campo in Marbella, Spain.

Studied with Ernestine Repsch, artist and instructor at the Academy of Design.

Opening of the Kunstraum Gerdi Gutperle in Viernheim, which exhibits her own artworks as well as works by other artists from Germany and abroad.

Opening and ongoing support of a childcare and health centre in Southern India, which is also financed with revenue generated from sales of her artworks.

2010 until today
Studies at the Bad Reichenhall Art Academy with Jutta Hass and Rainer Kaiser, instructors at renowned art academies in Germany and abroad.

Numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

Many of her artworks can be found in public and private collections.

The artist lives and works in Hirschberg an der Bergstrasse.

 "The creation of artworks is a lengthy voyage of discovery for an artist, who repeatedly knows, understands and finds herself. For me, this journey began by marvelling at people and nature, i.e. the microcosm and the macrocosm. When an artist ventures onto new paths, she wants to rekindle the flame of enthusiasm and creativity, and she is naturally also aware of the risks. With perseverance, optimism and zest for action, she wants to broaden her horizons, so she can acquire new skills and abilities for the achievement of her artistic goals."

Gerdi Gutperle